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What we're trying to do

When someone [who happened to work in a bank] suggested this feature for the website, I was ambivalent; I still am. I'm not completely comfortable with actually asking people for money, at least on this anonymous basis. On the other hand I have always felt, and still absolutely believe, that what I'm doing is much more than merely "fun;" at the risk of sounding really grandiose, this work is important for all humanity, because we all need to eat and because most of us could do with a little reduction of our ecological footprint.

If I were a wealthy man I'd simply devote my vast fortune, etc. Since this is not the case, I need to appeal to the public for assistance. With this in mind I welcome any kind of donation, in whatever form. Heck, I'll even take abuse, at least for now.

More about Dave

I'm originally from Westchester County NY and was a nature boy and a finicky eater. I attended Bard College and University of Wyoming (for, respectively, my bachelors and masters degrees in English), and have been in Rhode Island for about nine years.

There's more to me than just edible bugs. In addition to running Sunrise Land Shrimp, I am also a husband and father, college instructor, writer, public speaker, occasional editor and circus arts instructor/party clown, mushroom hunter, and ordained minister.

I've been working on a 'family' of essays over the last few years. They deal with the themes and patterns observable in nature and history, both natural history and human history [and they touch upon the idea that maybe there's not so much difference between the two.]

Other writings
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