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Bugfeast 2004

These were taken at the ESA (Entomological Society of America) Eastern Branch Conference in New Haven, CT. The event was well attended, and over 50 people sampled the insect fare. It was the first time I'd served insects professionally; I've done it a few times since.

Ready to serve with the pasta (this is my screen-saver)

If you cook it, they will come…

On the plate
What do you think, Mom?
That look of pure bliss says it all
Do we detect a bit of hesitation?
A trio of Maengda - okay, Lethocerus indicus, the Giant Water Bug, but I just love the word "Maengda" - in the pan. Though they might look a bit like cockroaches, they're not related. Not that there's anything wrong with cooking up some cockroaches for supper, provided that they've been raised in sanitary conditions.  
Nope! He ate the crickets first: way to go!

Served with a carrot strip [we mustn't forget the vegetarians]
  More intergenerational entomophagy
Comparing technique. Note cricket bread on the right; about 30% cricket flour   Two enthusiastic amateur entomologists breaking into the Maengda
Thai ant pupae with scrambled eggs. Note a few little ant heads, which are white because they never fully developed. While this might prompt a heartfelt "Ewww!" they turned out to be delicious. Everyone who tried them said so.
  The left-over bits. While I've heard of diners managing to down the whole thing, these insects are definitely tougher than soft-shell crabs. It would be like chewing and swallowing a really big, really thick shrimp tail.
All Pictures by Kim Jason
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